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OMG! Are Alexa and Clemont, Ash's new companions for the Kalos region?

#11amc9988Posted 8/23/2013 2:52:57 AM
Rayquaza_is_Z posted...

I wouldn't mind either way.
But the problem is, they are designed as looking older than the previous FeMC's and for some unbeknownst reason..GF just can't have that (Hilda) travelling around with a 10 year old. I mean she's "fully developed" and that triggers the student-teacher fetishes for some people I feel.

Haha yeah... now that u said it I forgot that Hilda/rosa/serena is older than Ash... But stll I wish they can make some kind of appearance in the anime.
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#12NessEggmanPosted 8/23/2013 3:15:40 AM
They could have just made a younger version of Hilda or a younger Serena perhaps?

And yeah, I often say "googling" even though I use Bing, but I'm trying to get used to saying 'bing' because it bothers me when people say "photoshop" for any image editing or "autotune" for any audio editing... so I think "google" for any web searching is pretty bad, too. I mean, I've been performing web searches long before google, and kinda thought using google as a verb was annoying when it first started, but I fell into that habit.

Plus I like to promote healthy competition. Google doesn't need to completely dominate the search engine... market.

IDK, lol.

I really do use bing though. I like it.

Though I don't think I'd ever say I'm yahooing something.

But then again, when would I ever use yahoo for a web search?!
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