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I'm really getting tired of Eeveelutions having shallow offensive movepools.

#11Quick-ManPosted 8/23/2013 8:59:20 PM
paipr posted...
i tend to not use those "strong" attacks that deal back damage to the user, so ive never understood why people want flareblitz when blaze kick could work well without the negative of damaging poor flareon.

Because Flare Blitz does considerably more damage than Flare Blitz. It would be a waste of Flareon's tremendous Attack (which is even more tremendous with Guts) to not use Flare Blitz if it was available.

Though if Blaze Kick had something else going for it, like priority or an unusually high chance to cause a burn, it might be picked over Flare Blitz.
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#12Arcanine2009(Topic Creator)Posted 8/23/2013 9:31:16 PM
paipr posted...
id agree, it does seem that eeveelutions tend to have not the greatest movepools. part of this i think comes from the fact that most quadrupedal pokemon dont get that much variety.

it be kinda neat if all eeveelutions got the muskedeers sword attacks. and while im not really pro wide distribution of aura sphere, the eeveelutions do seem good candidates for that attack.

power gem could be a great addition to espeon and glaceon's level up pool too. needle arm on jolteon could be interesting too.

I agree. If power gem can get a stronger BP or a good secondary effect, sure. 70 is god awful.

Pretty said that the only special rock type moves have a BP of 60 and 70.
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