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Will they update Pokemon cries this gen?

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User Info: Oblivion_Hero

3 years ago#1
Make some of the older ones sound less 8 bit and redundant to each other, and like more natural animals?
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User Info: CalciferJenkins

3 years ago#2
Looks like they've updated several of the old ones at least. Pikachu also seems to say 'Pikachu', or something along those lines.
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User Info: fahademon

3 years ago#3
They've updated Gen1 cries so far. | Please sign this for Digimon Re:Digitize Decode to get localized!(see quote)
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User Info: agentkb2001

3 years ago#4
I'd not be suirprised if gen 2 got updated cries either
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User Info: mustardpi314

3 years ago#5
have they updated all/most of gen I cries or just Pikachu?
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User Info: Storm101

3 years ago#6
Pikachu, Mewtwo, Crobat and Dragonite are updated. Not sure about Skitty, someone else will have to judge:

Since those four are updated it's logical to assume all Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon have been updated. If Skitty is updated, then probably all of Gen 3 as well.
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