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In your opinion, what hides behind Deoxys' mask?

#31Dathedr-vodhrPosted 8/25/2013 3:03:16 AM
A_Bit_Of_Charm posted...
i think if you remove it that its basically ripping off its face.

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#32Anthem_Joker-F8Posted 8/25/2013 3:47:13 AM
Another mask
#33DJ_bluePosted 8/25/2013 1:55:56 PM
aunt jemima
#34samurai1900Posted 8/25/2013 2:01:37 PM
Majestic Space Duck?
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#35Nado6Posted 8/25/2013 2:04:22 PM
Obito, it always turns out to be Obito in the end no matter how many people say "It's not goign to be Obito" or another Character who's name is Anagram for Deoxys with one letter added.
#36reflectivesPosted 8/25/2013 2:05:56 PM
mehmetski posted...

NGE reference? Shinji get in the Genesect
#37Mewtwo_soulPosted 8/25/2013 2:11:18 PM
Handsome Jack.
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#38MonkeyDTimPosted 8/25/2013 2:11:31 PM
Me: Why wasn't "another mask" an option?
OP: Because you let Rin die.
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