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I just caught a Golett and named it... (Archived)
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Comfirmed Canadian ebgames give codes for shiny gengar (Archived)marioparty17510/16 1:07PM
Mirror Move with Mega Pidgeot? (Archived)Chaos_Colonel210/16 12:59PM
Do you like Charizard? (Archived)
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NinjaSeviper3110/16 12:59PM
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Which Azumarill should I pick? (Archived)ieatbabies34710/16 11:46AM
ORAS Tutor Moves and TM/HM Moves (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman7010/16 11:43AM
Goodbye Bike sim and Hello Jet simulator. (Poll)Lord_Chivalry610/16 11:35AM
How do you know what iv's your pokemon has if they are not perfect (Archived)Thateqicguy310/16 11:30AM
YR: NA gets never-before-seen mega that's better than M. Steelix and M. Glalie (Archived)
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PokemonFan12941710/16 11:29AM
Mega vs Primal? (Archived)TrooParannoya210/16 11:05AM
Special Pidgey (Archived)
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Col_Mobius2910/16 11:04AM
Proof that Lobster44 is a top tier player and his teams actually work (Archived)
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CptZangoose4510/16 10:55AM
Post a surprisingly good and effective set that isn't generic (Archived)
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Blizzardhail16110/16 10:52AM
I want to play an older pokemon game. (Archived)Linuxero1010/16 10:48AM
So....RefreshMence? (XD purified Salamence) (Archived)legendrider310/16 10:38AM