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What's the best pokemon of all time? (Poll)
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KReborn3610/19 1:02PM
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ToborTheRobot5310/19 12:44PM
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Question about Azurill and Egg Moves (Archived)Tacanacy610/19 12:29PM
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Back in 1998... (Archived)
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mninp8210/19 11:54AM
Ally Switch Hawlucha>>>people DCing... (Archived)
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Pika981210/19 11:37AM
How do you find your Player ID? (Archived)GGuitarGuy95510/19 11:37AM
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Powersav questions (Archived)X-KID90410/19 11:22AM
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Fire Blast or Hydro Pump on MixMence? (Archived)
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Vivisqeq1410/19 10:29AM
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Building a Water Centric Team. Need help (Archived)LuciusLuster1010/19 9:21AM
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Dunsparce gets a Mega Evolution, or a 40 BP item that changes nature (Poll)Reggie_Evans710/19 9:08AM
Saw this Pokemon art album on imgur and thought it was awesome. (Archived)Ultimarok610/19 9:03AM
New tier predictions (Archived)
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musumane1810/19 9:00AM