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I think I'm just about finished with this game now. (Archived)
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Turbo_TRex1512/3 10:24AM
Why do grunts exist? (Archived)
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L1GUY2112/3 6:51AM
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Pokemon that are worthless without hidden abilities (Archived)
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Mr1555512712/3 4:38AM
I bought X, but why don't i get the normal starters? (Archived)SomeLikeItHoth612/3 3:50AM
Diancie (Archived)
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mel_13891612/3 3:32AM
Weird PSS clicking error (Archived)plasmawisp1713612/2 9:28PM
x and y has the most garbaje story! (Archived)
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mariopokefan171312/2 8:44PM
favorite X/Y team you've had: (Archived)
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Pricicle2612/2 8:13PM
Just caught Shiny Loudred in Safari while trying to get Shiny Charm... (Archived)PKMNgamer27712/2 7:42PM
Powersave and Blue Pentagon? (Archived)pey_the_man312/2 5:59PM
Good Hidden Power For Rotom-Heat? (Archived)Dr_Joltik312/2 5:32PM
Help with competitive battling (Archived)PyroWhiskers512/2 5:03PM
So Rayquaza just needs to know a certain move to mega evolve.. (Poll)Foolishhumans231012/2 3:25PM
Does modifying a pokemon's nature make them illegal for wifi? (Archived)Khemikooligan412/2 11:39AM
Looking for a Speed Boost Venipede, trade not safari, have HBs to trade. (Archived)Fatboi998512/2 11:36AM
Is non-mega Mawile viable? (Archived)JRaasin512/2 7:54AM
Are people actually complaining about this game? (Archived)
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Roxalis1912/2 4:43AM
So lucky it ended up costing me... (Archived)Simmo8591312/2 2:49AM
Is wonder trade working normally? (Archived)Riveller512/1 11:14PM