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Whoever thought Scald was a good idea should be fired. (Archived)
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Verlisify is our one true savior (Archived)
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Say something bad about your most favorite Pokemon generation/game! (Archived)
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Tappor198/15 12:46PM
Shiny Troubles (Archived)PineappleDuck88/15 12:45PM
Me thought Stantler was' a gen 3 Pokemon. (Archived)
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BandedAegislash128/15 12:43PM
Pokemon Pantheons RP: Concept (Archived)
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ReaccuringExtra128/15 12:41PM
If you dibbed a pokemon in Pokemon Pantheons... (Archived)ReaccuringExtra88/15 12:36PM
So there's this name I see from time to time (Archived)PokemonFan129478/15 12:34PM
Friendship/Using Stones/trade (Archived)chorikawa48/15 12:32PM
How did a Scrafty survive a Dazzling Gleam from my Modest Scarfed Celebi? (Archived)
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FryDays5000168/15 12:32PM
Question about the future Diancie event (Archived)Tatan_9328/15 12:17PM
which ability on swampert? (Archived)Baze8298/15 12:14PM
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Which of these Generations do you antipathy the most? and why? (Poll)
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Pkmn1234228/15 12:04PM
Your opinion on Flying Press competitively? (Archived)
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Zero97118/15 11:58AM
Anyway to get a Pokeball vivillon( beside power save) (Archived)marioparty1728/15 11:46AM
How Does This Gen Compare to the Others to You? (Archived)Schmeman78/15 11:35AM
Gen 1 Mega Poll (Poll)undisputed238668/15 11:32AM