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Favorite "Third Version"

#1Sniperdog117Posted 8/25/2013 9:40:13 PM
Favorite "Third Version" - Results (155 votes)
Pokemon Yellow
7.1% (11 votes)
Pokemon Crystal
14.19% (22 votes)
Pokemon Emerald
25.81% (40 votes)
Pokemon Platinum
23.87% (37 votes)
Pokemon Black2/White2
29.03% (45 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Didn't include Blue version because I wanted one for each generation.
#2Thepenguinking2Posted 8/25/2013 9:42:29 PM
I wouldn't count B2W2 as third versions because they are way too different from B1W1.
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#3EJWPosted 8/25/2013 9:45:05 PM

Black2/White2 are squeals.

Otherwise, I would have voted for those..........which I accidentally did.
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#4Sniperdog117(Topic Creator)Posted 8/25/2013 9:45:31 PM
Thepenguinking2 posted...
I wouldn't count B2W2 as third versions because they are way too different from B1W1.

True, but I wanted 5th gen to be included somehow.
#5FuneralCakePosted 8/25/2013 9:46:03 PM

BW2 aren't third versions, as already stated.
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#6Xenozoa425Posted 8/25/2013 9:46:10 PM
Crystal all the waaaaaaay.
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#791UKGamerPosted 8/26/2013 2:17:01 AM
I voted for Pokémon Yellow. I haven't owned Pearl or Diamond so I thought it wouldn't be fair to vote for Platinum. I've never played Emerald. I've forgotten what Crystal's like as it seemed similar to Gold. And Black/White 2 aren't much better than Black/White.

So Pokémon Yellow was my favourite at the time but I like Pokémon Black/White 2 most.
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#8LightningAce11Posted 8/26/2013 2:18:56 AM
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#9Rayze_DarrPosted 8/26/2013 2:19:09 AM
Platinum gets my vote. In my opinion, it's the third version that most improved on the originals. I'll still play Red/Blue, Gold/Silver, Ruby/Sapphire (I actually prefer these to Emerald), and Black/White. I haven't even wanted to touch Diamond/Pearl since Platinum came out.
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#10LightningAce11Posted 8/26/2013 2:19:21 AM
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