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C/D Did I just face a Hacker?

#31RoyalDroneXPosted 8/26/2013 8:55:36 AM
All-ice posted...
I just had a match on Pokemon Random Wi-fi battle where my opponent lead off with a Skarmory.

He outspeed my Mamoswine which is 259 (Neutral Max speed) and used Stealth Rock.

I used Icicle Spear.

Next turn, He used Icy Wind.. I used Earthquake.

First, I thought he was scarfed since he out sped me.

Second, does Skarmory even learn Icy Wind?

Skarmory can learn via move tutor in HG/SS or B2/W2

he might not have been a hacker, but from the speed value, he might have met a Sav'er
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