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TWG CIP Rp part two!!

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3 years ago#51
(I'm going to be gone for ~4 hours, cya)
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3 years ago#52
From below the average person would think a plane is slow. Well from the wing Shyra could easily prove that wrong. "Now how else could I have gotten to Johto? By boat in Castellia city. Umm... Yeah, that's it."

Without warning the pilot of the plane jumped out. Due to this, Shyra was now distracted from the main obstacle ahead. Minutes passed before she saw the bell tower. Oh no, either we crash or you save us.
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3 years ago#53
(This is Chack here. I can't use my other accounts for reasons I cannot say, so you'll see me on this. and Brawler, still waitin)
3 years ago#54
I'm also going to be gone for most of the day. Either way, I don't plan to do anything until Willingmess does something.
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3 years ago#55
(Still waiting for Wiseman to respond.If he hasn't by this evening I'm going to come up with an excuse to move on.)
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3 years ago#56
Goldenrod Tower

Addison: It's him!
Addison ran into the Tower.
Addison: Wait, I'd be a bad idea to just attack that Scizor. Best wait for him at the Top, that way i can get him no matter where i go.
Addison boarded an Elevator, and waited as it begun heading up to on top of the Building.
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3 years ago#57
Pulling her self up from the wing, Shyra ran up to the pilot's seat. Quickly thinking she opened the hatch containing the packages. Causing them to land on the ground of Ecrutek city. Then grabbing a parachute she jumped out of the plane, while holding a first aid kit. "The things I do for people" She said while setting course for the demolished Bell tower.
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3 years ago#58
(Notice: I won't be posting much for a while because of family reunions, school and football practice.)
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3 years ago#59
With a leap, the woman and her guards made it over to a waiting helicopter!

Willingmess: Dangit!

Suddenly, he noticed a few other pokemon gathering in the area....

Willingmess: Hmph... what do you all want? I've got places to be.
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3 years ago#60
After looking throughout the building, Joshua found no presence of Willingmess. Damn, thought he was going to be here. As he ascended with Magnet Rise, he noticed a human and her escorts run into a waiting helicopter, with the Scizor in hot pursuit. Well, looks like he's distracted. Joshua began locking on, but when Willingmess acknowledged his presence, he panicked and launched a loose Zap Cannon.
Apparently, I'm nobody.
B2 FC: 3010 5891 4441
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