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What is your FAVORITE pokemon and also WHY?

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3 years ago#71
-Ice and Ground are my two favourite types
-It's a pig mammoth; I like pigs, and I like prehistoric animals in general
-I like fat fuzzy things
-It has snow goggles, which is cute
-Thankfully, it has good stats
But hey, that's just me.
3 years ago#72
Rotom because it's adorable and I like ghosts
3 years ago#73
I dont have a singe favorite pokemon.
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3 years ago#74

Ridiculously adorable, reminds me of Agumon(or did Agumon remind me of Charmander?) and I used to think Ember was one of the best Fire attacks ever and Charmander learns it at lvl 9.

Bonus points for having awesome evolutions like Agumon.
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3 years ago#75
Meloetta, because I'm a music teacher (high school and middle school band), and Meloetta's essentially the "Fine Arts Pokemon" or "Performance Arts Pokemon" if you think about it. Competitively, it's pretty fun to use and throw opponents off balance. In the anime, it's adorable.
3 years ago#76

I'm a fan of the Journey to the West story, and Infernape resembles Sun Wukong/Son Goku very well (in fact, I think that's the inspiration behind its design).
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3 years ago#77
Easily Lucario. (I know, poster boy for Gen IV, sue me). The jackal design is just so awesome, and it's actually a good 'mon to boot! The movie left a pretty good impression as well.
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3 years ago#78

I always seem to train one every time i start a game in Kanto and like Ash I always end up leaving it. It's saddening but that makes Butterfree even cooler!
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3 years ago#79
Shiftry due to being available early into the game in Ruby, he has nice mixed attacking stats and a HUGE movepool, Grass is my favorite type and Dark is awesome as well, and I love his hair and leafy fans and I just like his design and concept overall. Also, Seedot is adorable
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3 years ago#80
Weavile. It is a champ. Fastest Ice type, high attack, and a dark type to boot. A wonderful combination.
Needs more Ice type, and Dragons are the devil.
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