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Pokemon X & Y Official Evolution Poll. Day 195 : Snorlax Evolution

#11Scizoreon(Topic Creator)Posted 8/28/2013 12:14:35 AM
Raikou Form (Mega Evolution) X 22
Torkoal Pre-Evolution X 19
Wailord Evolution X 17

Skuntank Evolution X 16
Shinx Split Evolution X 15
Buizel Split Evolution X 13
Amoonguss Evolution X 12
Steelix Evolution X 11
Shellos (East) Split Evolution X 10
Magby Split Evolution X 10
Armaldo Evolution X 10
Gulpin Split Evolution X 10
Electrode Form X 10

Hitmonchan Evolution X 9
Hitmonlee Evolution X 9
Dodrio Evolution X 8
Hitmontop Evolution X 8
Hippowdon Evolution X 8
Darmanitan Evolution X 8
Dialga Form X 6
Luvdisc/Alomomola Pre-Evolution X 5
Pupitar Split Evolution X 5
Purrloin Split Evolution x 5

Keldeo Form X 5
Larvesta Pre-Evolution X 5
Wailmer Split Evolution X 5
Spiritomb Pre-Evolution X 5
Sandile Split Evolution X 5
Mismagius Evolution X 5
Tropius Form X 5
Volcarona Form X 5
Druddigon Pre-Evolution X 5
Remoraid Split Evolution X 3

Heracross Pre-Evolution X 3
Blastoise Form X 3
Chinchou Split Evolution X 2
Lombre Split Evolution X 2
Feraligatr Form X 2
#12ChaosMew161Posted 8/28/2013 12:17:20 AM
Snorlax is already relevant and useful, you don't need to evolve it. Even with the inevitable power creep that's coming, Snorlax doesn't need an evo.
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