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The Lost Island. A Pokemon Story game!

#1RemixV4Posted 8/27/2013 2:26:40 PM(edited)
You awake to the sound of waves. Your head feels a bit dizzy, but it's nothing you can't shake off. After scanning the horizon, you can't see anything but sky and water. What were you even doing to wind up in a place like this? Oh yea. You bet your friends you could fly on a Pidgey. Well, it sort of worked. Ha! In their faces.

Looking around, you can't find anything familiar. There's lots of sand, and a dense forest behind you. You can't find that Pidgey anywhere either. It's probably Sharpedo food by now. Tragic.

You decide to reach for your belt and send out one of your trusty Pokemon to get you out of this place. Wait, where's your belt? Crap, it must have fallen off when you were drowning. You search your pockets for something. ANYTHING that can be useful. No dice. Not even a Ragecandybar to snack on. If only you had a Pokeball, you could have tried to catch something to get you off this island. Not that it would matter. You don't have any HM's on you to teach them to Fly or Surf you out of there. It would be too far to Teleport too. You decide to survey the island.

After walking around for a bit, you can't find any trace of civilization. A deserted island? Great. Now your rival "Buttface" is going to reach the league before you. Oh well. You might as well make the best of it. It could take weeks for your friends to find you, so setting up shelter and hunting
for food to not keel over would be awesome. Unfortunately, it's mid afternoon, and you don't have much time left today. You plop down on the ground.

This sucks. You should be slaughtering creatures for EXP right about now. You don't even care that Youngster Joey can't call you anymore. Top percentage Rattata be damned, you just want to go home. Suddenly, a bright light flashes before you. Sweet Savory Arceus! It's a Jirachi!

Jirachi: Greetings, lost soul. I've come to help you in your time of need.

You consider asking to ride on his head back home, but you doubt he'd go for that.

Jirachi: I offer you a gift, young human. A Pokemon that will help you survive while you await rescue. Be warned, I cannot summon a legendary creature, and the Pokemon I do summon may only use natural moves that belong to its types. Decide what Pokemon you would like, and you shall have it.

Luckily, you've already scoured the island, so you know what you could use each type for. Consider the following tasks, and choose one Pokemon capable of performing the tasks you want completed most. You'd better make this one Pokemon count. You'll be stuck here for a solid month.

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#2RemixV4(Topic Creator)Posted 8/27/2013 2:23:20 PM(edited)
Living under the branches of a tree won't be good enough to keep out wind and rain. Ground and Rock Pokemon can dig a nice cozy cave to sleep in.

Wood Collection
You'll need to collect wood to cook with. You might even be able to build a decent shelter. Fighting, Dragon and Steel types won't have any trouble smashing down a few smug trees.

Plenty of fish swim all around this island. You could attempt stabbing them with a spear, but using Water and Ice Pokemon to trap them sounds much easier.

Groups of delicious looking Stantler and Sawsbuck roam all over this island. The problem is that they always travel in herds, and facing them head on to munch on their heads will probably get your legs broken. Bug, Ghost and Dark types can ambush them in the middle of the night, and drag an unsuspecting target into your belly.

You'll need to cook any meat you manage to get ahold of. Rubbing sticks together doesn't appeal to you, but Fire and Electric Pokemon are just what you need to spark a roaring flame.

Fruit Picking
You noticed tons of fruit trees all over the island. They're way too high and spiky for anything to climb up though. A Flying or Psychic Pokemon could pluck the sweet bounty from its branches.

Wild Veggies
There are tons of edible plants and mushrooms all over the island. They all look really tasty, but a lot of them are poisonous. You'll need a Normal, Grass, Poison or Fairy Type to pick out which ones are safe to eat. Unless you want to be throwing up for the rest of your stay.

Have fun! Try to choose a Pokemon based on memory only. It will make the choice more interesting.
The heart is shaken more by a single action than a thousand words.
#3RemixV4(Topic Creator)Posted 8/28/2013 6:59:53 AM
Anybody? ;.;
The heart is shaken more by a single action than a thousand words.