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Myths / Legends that haven't been made into Pokemon.

#21mehmetskiPosted 8/28/2013 6:44:45 AM
reflectives posted...
We need a phoenix. I don't think Moltres is an actual phoenix.

It would be a cliche fire/flying
Or make it pure fire.

Its ability would be Harvest. Or something relating to rebirth from ashes.

Maybe also flash fire, flame body.

Or a unique ability in which if this Pokemon is hit by water or fire moves, it regains health.

moltres is a firebird but i think ho-oh is a great phoenix. he gave rebirth to raikou, entei and suicune, he has sacred ashes as held item and he is considered a sign of hope and second chances (he is also inspired by the feng-huang who also stands for hope and second chances)
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#22Grammar_manPosted 8/28/2013 6:47:30 AM
The Huldra would be another neat pick, though the concept is kinda covered(in a slightly different way) by Mawile's Futakuchi-Onna.

The Huldra being a beautiful woman-like creature with a disturbing hollow back.
#23Zesnam359Posted 8/28/2013 8:50:54 AM(edited)
I'd like to see them try to make a Slenderman pokemon.
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#24Ari917Posted 8/28/2013 8:54:48 AM
Pokémon based off the four symbols and Huang Long.

Egyptian gods like Ra, Isis and Osiris.

More Japanese gods like Amaterasu and Susano-o.

Greek monsters like th Minotaur, Medusa, Hydra, Scylla, Charybdis, etc.
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#25kirbydude385Posted 8/28/2013 9:00:56 AM
screw it i want a slenderman pokemon
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#26Meta289Posted 8/28/2013 9:15:31 AM
Grammar_man posted...
1998_z posted...


Seconding this.

Also, Draug:

Ghost/Dragon type called Draugon.
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#27E-25Posted 8/28/2013 9:29:52 AM
Misdreavus573 posted...
I've always wanted a Water/Ghost type based off a mermaid or siren.

Mermaid (not The Little Mermaid mind you):


I thought Milotic had heavy influences of that (light tan body with the scales only appearing near the tail; long 'hair', etc.); though more are always welcome, ^^

Personally, a theme around the Horsemen (Red, Pale, White, Black) would be neat (seeing as we've had some themed around the Musketeers).
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#28RayCRPPosted 8/28/2013 9:55:00 AM
They need a quintuplet of Pokemon, each representing one of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart. Then there needs to be a Pokemon that, when those five are brought together, represent their powers, combined.
#29Bigmac909Posted 8/28/2013 10:10:26 AM
If you guys want to monster-collect ancient deities, play Shin Megami Tensei.
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#30Ari917Posted 8/28/2013 10:15:09 AM
Bigmac909 posted...
If you guys want to monster-collect ancient deities, play Shin Megami Tensei.

Played it, loved it. Still doesn't mean that Pokémon can't draw from mythologies when making their Pokémon, they've done it before and probably will do it again so wanting Pokémon based off of them is not a bad thing.
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