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What pokemon do you HATE?

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User Info: westonticklee

3 years ago#11
RotomGuy3 posted...
I don't dislike any Pokemon. I love all 648 + X and Y.

Yes, I said 648. Because I don't consider that abomination Jynx a Pokemon.

So you don't consider one of the best pokemkn besides Queen Jiggs a Pokemon? Smh. You're dismissed.

Anyway most of Gen 5 and almost all of Gen 6 are just horrible
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User Info: Takarimon

3 years ago#12
The gothics.
The djinns.
The ice creams.
The trash heaps.
The judoka.
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#13
uuurrrggh posted...
Competitively- Garchomp and Ferrothorn in OU, and Chandelure in UU

I liked Ferrothorn before it was cool! Anyways, Stantler. It's one ugly SoB.
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User Info: AurricX

3 years ago#14
Chimchar, Monferno, Infernape, and the Pan- and Simi- lines in XY.

I really dislike most monkey Pokemon, and I can't quite place why.

User Info: gunsndroses

3 years ago#15
Quite easily Garchomp and Salamence.
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User Info: E-25

3 years ago#16
A lot of the fighting types just because of poor designs. Also because they wreck my Dunsparce & Mawlie...
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User Info: hyperdimeduck

3 years ago#17
Mewtwo, and also an irrational bias against Starmies.
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User Info: TheMasterTurtle

3 years ago#18

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User Info: Misdreavus573

3 years ago#19

There are so many reasons I hate Wobbuffet...

User Info: MidniteZorua

3 years ago#20
From a competitive standpoint, I've always cried in agony whenever I've seen a Breloom on the opponent's team.

Design-wise, I can't say I outright hate any design, but I guess the closest would be Zoroark. Probably a bit odd coming from someone who's made it obvious that they love Zorua, but it's an illusionist fox kit that I found outright adorable (IMO) whose design is very different from Riolu's. Seeing its evolution being... that Lucario-esque thing just doesn't settle with me well. :/
I personally don't "hate" Zoroark as much as I "wish they took a different approach with its design", but it's the closest I've gotten to hating a design, you could say. <.<
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