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List the top 5 Kalos pokemon so far

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3 years ago#11
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3 years ago#12

I also love Skiddo and Dedenne.
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3 years ago#13
1. Yveltal
2. Froakie
3. Honedge
4. Chespin
5. Uhh....... Talonflame?
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3 years ago#14
1. Yveltal
2. Noivern
3. Pancham
4. Xerneas
5. Malamar/Oorotto
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3 years ago#15
1-5 Froakie, seriously, I love Froakie that much. But for real:

1 Froakie
2 Skiddo/Gogoat
3 Fletchling/Talonflame
4 Dedenne
5 Skrelp
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3 years ago#16
1. Spritzee!!!!
2. Skrelp
3. Clauncher
4. The three bugs
5. Xerneas
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3 years ago#17
1. Pangoro
2. Pangoro
3. Pangoro
4. Pangoro
5. Pangoro
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3 years ago#18
1. Litleo
2. Chespin
3. Sylveon
4. Noivern
5. Fennekin
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3 years ago#19
GameNinjaGuy posted...
smallface_gray posted...
ITT, we realize that everyone's top five will be different because in fact, opinions are a thing.

I fixed that for you.

You're right. Everyone is entitled to have my opinion.
3 years ago#20
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