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When the h*** is GameFreak going to reveal Draceon?!!!

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  3. When the h*** is GameFreak going to reveal Draceon?!!!
2 years ago#41
Hierarchy225 posted...
kaiser ryu posted...
Yet here we have a half-assed Tomagotchi clone offering substantial battle buffs.

How do you know its half-assed?

You have seen it, right? A dead eyed Pokemon model writhes at you while you poke it with your stylus, pretending you're feeding it and tickling it. There's videos of this. That is all there is to this "mini game".

Please tell me where more than that is indicated on the UI. All I see is a Froakie awkwardly doing a French Stewart grin while a gamer fumbles around trying to find a place to tickle it, settling on it's groin. Engaging stuff.
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2 years ago#42
Assuming there will be one, not for a while longer just to keep the suspense high.

I have my doubts there will be a Dragon-type Eeveelution, but it would be cool.
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2 years ago#43
Second and final bump for master race Draceon!
Honorary bump for master race Chespin!
Draceon for 2013!
2 years ago#44
There is no Draceon

If there was only, it would have been revealed and starred in the short alongside Sylvoen
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2 years ago#45
We're not getting a Draceon before a Seismeon, count on it.
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2 years ago#46
I dont mind the idea of a dragon eevee evo... but its name should really Drakeon (Drake-eon). Draceon makes it sound like its a vampire.
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2 years ago#47
Big_Isaac posted...
how come people are so sure that there will be a dragon eeveelution this gen?
there's no signs of another eeveelution, let alone one of a specific type

Aside from gen1, Eeveelutions always come in pairs, and one is always SE against the other. Though Poison and Steel are also likely.
2 years ago#48
Cemith posted...
We're not getting a Draceon before a Seismeon, count on it.

A ground type Eeveelution? Not gonna happen :/
or is it derived from Seismic Toss which will make it a Fighting type? Fighting type Eeveelution WILL be named Champeon ;) Count on it!
Draceon for 2013!
2 years ago#49

Just thought I'd post these words.
2 years ago#50
I want to believe in a second eeveelution but I think it's only one this gen.
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  3. When the h*** is GameFreak going to reveal Draceon?!!!

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