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Which Poison sounds better?

#1SkylaIsMyWifePosted 8/30/2013 6:01:08 PM
Which Poison would you rather have? - Results (44 votes)
Only Poison types can cause Badly poison status
45.45% (20 votes)
Poison status halves Sp.Attack
54.55% (24 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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#2Hierarchy225Posted 8/30/2013 6:02:45 PM
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#3PrettyTonyTigerPosted 8/30/2013 6:06:20 PM
I don't know!!
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#4MDS2005Posted 8/30/2013 6:07:03 PM
Hierarchy225 posted...

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#5IVIasterJayPosted 8/30/2013 6:37:23 PM
I'd want the sp.atk option slightly more. But that's if only normal poison halves sp.atk. That on top of badly poisoned would be insane. But if it was an option I'd have picked both.