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Pokesurvey - your preferences?

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2 years ago#11
From: Emerald_Melios | #001
This is a simple questionnaire, to be divided into four questions. Please answer them. ^_^

1. What type do you like best in general?

2. Do you favor physical or special moves?

3. Of all the various Pokegirls, which one would most intrigue you as a futanari?

4. Which of the side-activities like contests, musicals, PokeStar, etc. did you like best, and would prefer to return in X/Y?



So many choices. I would say Gardenia.

Summer of Juvia Lockser!
2 years ago#12
1. Dark, Evil type FTW.

2. Physical, but a little bit of both is best.

3. Uurk... eh... um... I hate you TC... Shauntal is my default for anything Pokegirl though, so... no.

4. Contests, I loved contests.
2 years ago#13
1. Fighting

2. Neither in particular but Physical if I had to choose.

3. TC

4. Contests
2 years ago#14
1: Grass types I guess. Electric and Normal types are also up there.

2: Special moves.

3: Uh, Chuck's wife? Whitney otherwise if Chuck's wife doesn't count. Depends on what you mean by, "intrigue." If you mean like, "Oh yeah, I'm so intrigued by this. Yeah, capture my interest," then, Erika I guess. I don't know.

4: Hoenn Contests. I didn't like the dressy bits of Sinnoh's contests.
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