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Mega Unown

#11xyzlacticPosted 8/30/2013 11:01:39 PM
Make this real game freak! Hire this woman!
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#12FryDays5000(Topic Creator)Posted 8/30/2013 11:02:02 PM
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#13pokemon2pokerPosted 8/30/2013 11:04:35 PM
FryDays5000 posted...
pokemon2poker posted...
Now that should be modded

Why exactly? Eye expansions are normal thing for G cartoons nowadays. Look at Spongebob.

Take Mega Unown, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways, and shove it up your candy ass.
#14Everfree_FirePosted 8/30/2013 11:11:40 PM
I didn't know Kirby bosses were invading the pokemon series.
#15SuperSonicDBZPosted 8/30/2013 11:13:06 PM
Depends. Can it be useful in battle? =P
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