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have you ever caught a legendary with a regular pokeball?

#1reflectivesPosted 8/31/2013 2:12:16 PM
In my sapphire game I caught regice with a regular pokeball. I got it to red health and threw some regular pokeballs as a joke and it worked! and to this day its my pride and joy.

I also caught reshiram with a pokeball but I don't know if that counts? I don't know what their catch rate is when you're FORCED to capture a Pokemon.....
#2KapuxaPosted 8/31/2013 2:23:11 PM
Reshiram/Zekrom are VERY easy to catch, a quick ball right at the start never failed for me.

Congratz on that, I got all the legendary pkmn in emerald with a pokeball, but it was no easy deal and I really wanted to catch them in a regular ball. Funny thing is, Groudon came Adamant and Kyogre came Modest, wich are very good natured for them xD.

I have also caught Kyogre full health with quick ball (twice) and Kyurem with full health with quick ball (twice again). Give it a shot, always throw a quick ball at any legendary at the start of the battle, sometimes it woks =D!
#3agent9149Posted 8/31/2013 2:23:46 PM
Yes. A rayquaza in emerald.
#4LontaBeansPosted 8/31/2013 2:24:38 PM
Caught all three Arrcticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres with one. I've caught several others that way too.
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#5Tales_of_101Posted 8/31/2013 2:25:38 PM
I catch everything in regular pokeballs.
#6JoJoX200Posted 8/31/2013 2:27:49 PM
It takes 70+ Dusk/Ultra balls for me to catch legendaries, on average. I wouldn't want to try that with normal pokeballs...
#7beebarbPosted 8/31/2013 2:27:51 PM
Rayquaza (can't recall which version though).
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#8Krazyhand101Posted 8/31/2013 2:28:35 PM
caught groudon in a repeat ball once, without having it in my pokedex. caugh lugia in original silver with pokeball as well
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#9SquarpPosted 8/31/2013 2:29:49 PM
Dialga, after I ran out of Ultras Go figure.
#10Thepenguinking2Posted 8/31/2013 2:32:34 PM
All the f***ing time.
Zekrom, Reshiram, Thundurus, Cobalion, Moltres and Arceus in a randomizer nuzlocke, Kyurem and a few others.
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