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Why is Genesect classified as a Legendary Pokemon?

#11WaenosPosted 9/1/2013 12:33:29 PM
spooky96 posted...
This topic made me realize...

legendaries are only suppose to be only one. How come so many Genesects the movie.... >_>

It's never been said that there is only one 'legendary'. While in many cases, there obviously enough is only one. Arceus, for example.
The Pokédex entry for Latias, for example, says:
"They make a small herd of only several members. They rarely make contact with people or other Pokémon. They disappear if they sense enemies."
Hard to make a 'herd of only several members' when there's only one.

Usually, you can only get one of each legendary in one game, but that doesn't mean that there is only one of each.
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#12CakeOfLiesPosted 9/1/2013 12:39:46 PM
GBeastMegamanBX posted...
Legendary in the pokemon world doesn't involve just being part of a myth. A pokemon could be called legendary because of a myth or rarity, in the case of Genesect and Mewtwo. There aren't a million clones of Mew or Kabutops that have been equipped with technology.

This. There's one Mewtwo and zero Kabutops equipped with technology.
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