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Your Reaction if Fennekin's last form is Fire/ Fighting?

#31RedGamer019Posted 9/2/2013 2:19:05 AM(edited)
Consider this: if fennekin turns out to evolve into Yet another fire/fighting type, It then has to compete with the wi-fi torchic, which is a dream world torchic with speed boost, the blazikinite to let it mega-evolve, and the clout of being the only starter to make it into Ubers. Gamefreak Nooo, Gamefreak Whyyy...
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#32LadyYachiruPosted 9/2/2013 2:20:02 AM
Oh look at that fire fighting. That's neat. *continues playing*
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#33nightblade_hawkPosted 9/2/2013 2:40:44 AM
I was going to pick Chespin anyway, at least in Y. I was planning to choose it in X but in that case this could change to Froakie.
#34sniper_zeroPosted 9/2/2013 9:12:06 AM
#35Aura_SpherePosted 9/2/2013 11:04:46 AM
taa20 posted...
Aura_Sphere posted...
I'm going to skin that fox alive.

I know what inspired this, and it is awesome.

Tell me, because I don't.
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#36DrakoVongola1Posted 9/2/2013 11:17:05 AM
As long as it looks cool I wouldn't care, I'd still use it.
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