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Your reaction to Fairy type being weak against Steel type

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User Info: keyos27

3 years ago#1
What is your reaction if Fairy type happens to be weak against Steel type - Results (184 votes)
I am going to summon my old/overused/standard Scizor! Bullet punch!
29.89% (55 votes)
Mega Mawile!
31.52% (58 votes)
I will consider using other 6th gen type Pokemon!
7.61% (14 votes)
I will consider using other steel type Pokmeon from previous generations!
10.33% (19 votes)
I have my own way to counter Fairy type!
8.7% (16 votes)
11.96% (22 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Theoretically speaking.

EDIT: By the way, the third option actually means "6th gen steel type"

User Info: Guillermo55

3 years ago#2
That'd be pretty great, steel needs an offensive buff.

User Info: SirPierce

3 years ago#3
Fairy being weak of Steel makes more sense than most Type Matchups...
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User Info: uuurrrggh

3 years ago#4
Apparently, I'm nobody.
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User Info: JustinTheJagged

3 years ago#5
I like steel types and don't care about fairy types so it's all good.
Gamer for life, 31 years and counting.
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User Info: lordlugia_rocks

3 years ago#6
"What the hell was GF thinking nerfing one of the top three types only to buff one of the other top three types?"
#RememberTheManticore - SMITE
"I'll bait you and outsmart you" - nobody important

User Info: CA0001

3 years ago#7
GF has never been thinking logically, so I don't think too much about it as well.
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User Info: Brasen

3 years ago#8
Rather see fairy weak to ice thb.


User Info: SgtCashmere

3 years ago#9
We have been hearing for months that Steel will be strong against Fairy, so my response will be... nonexistent? :/

User Info: RotomGuy3

3 years ago#10
I want Fairy to be weak to Poison early.

But then I realised it could be weak to Ice too.

I would say let Steel be SE effective, but I want the lesser type moves to actually be used.
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