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Original 151 Pokemon as you've never heard them before

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User Info: Ivysuar

3 years ago#11
evilfrenchguy20 posted...
Squirtle sounds like he's getting water-boarded

(message deleted)

User Info: perfectchaos83

3 years ago#13
Oh God. That Squirtle one was hilarious.
The Sakura dance!

User Info: Mephsuit

3 years ago#14
Gastly sounds suspiciously like Bowser Jr.
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User Info: CrazyChicken2

3 years ago#15
Parasect sounded like it belonged in Silent Hill
Gastly did sound a lot like Bart Simpson
Krabby sounded cute
Exeggutor sounded like a bunch of gremlins laughing'
Lickitung sounded like it just got electrocuted
Rhydon sounded like it belonged in Jurassic Park
Slowpoke & Slowbro are stoners
Pidgeotto sounded like a chicken
Gloom sounded like it just threw up
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User Info: MasterSpectrobe

3 years ago#16
Weepinbell and Victreebell sounded like broken Violins
I pity the fool who takes this topic seriously >_>

User Info: agentkb2001

3 years ago#17
Vileplume scared the crap out of me!
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User Info: RedMageStarfire

3 years ago#18
Ahahaha the Dewgong(gongongong).

User Info: wind64a

3 years ago#19
Granny Crabby.

Mew is adorable as always.
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User Info: Grammar_man

3 years ago#20
Rattata and Raticate killed me.
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