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Spoilers: Nintendo Direct Information

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2 years ago#1
i come baring spoilers iwata is my uncle.

-Starter evolutions are shown
- chespin evolution grass/dark chespin looks pretty much the same but he grows more feral looking he grows claws and his tooth is more pronounced. He has spikes running down his back and he is a darker shade of green and brown. His sugimori artwork has his arms crossed and he has a move called "Chesnut Blast"

- fennekin's evolution is pure fire type. it grows a red tuft of fur around its neck with an ominous blue wisp of fire floating in front of it's chest. It grows a longer tail and the fur coming out of it's ears forms a shrine maiden like bow on it's head. it uses a move called "Kinetic Flame"

- froakie's evolution
relatively small for a starter evolution appears to be crouched over in a "ninja pose." He has a determined look in his eyes which grow smaller and narrower. He has foam like shurikens attached to his arms.

there are other pokemon to i will post them in a second.
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2 years ago#3
gtfo, stfu and have a nice day
the official BAT DRAGON of the pokemon X/Y boards
2 years ago#4
Official everything of every board.
2 years ago#5
Excited to hear more :)
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