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Fairy-type move integration

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Considering how long it took for good Dark moves to really become wide-spread, I dont feel like Fairy-type moves will be that plentiful at first. Probably like 4-5 damage dealing moves with iffy distribution and a decent amount of support moves (many of which are just retyped old moves, like Heal Pulse).

You know, I hadn't even thought about retypings. I basically agree with what you say, though I do think it'll be a bit better than dark's original move distribution, especially considering the number of Fairy-type pokemon to be introduced in Gen 6 as compared to the number of Dark-types introduced in Gen 2 (And Steel-types, for that matter).

Dark had what, Bite, Crunch, and Faint Attack right? Just like Steel only had Iron Tail, Metal Claw, and Steel Wing(I think Claw was Gen2 anyways). Of course, Ghost got a new toy with Shadow Ball even though it was physical at the time and I don't think anything could take advantage of it.

Dark also had Pursuit, Thief, and Beat Up...the first being inferior in-game, the second being near-useless competitively, and the last being useless for both on top of being obscure. But you're right about Steel, those were the only three Steel-type attacks in the game in Gen II.

Pursuit was G/S? Huh. Totally forgot about Thief and Beat Up. Only Sneasel got that if memory serves.
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