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My idea on how to improve the IV system

#1191UKGamerPosted 9/4/2013 1:59:43 AM
It doesn't matter what you suggest to do with the IVs, some people will complain.

The IVs system is fine as it is
Uhh, no. It's too luck based, that's why people use things like Pokegen to get their perfect IVs. It can take days to get the IVs you want.

Let's remove the IVs
No, if we do that Pokemon will lose their uniqueness. IVs give Pokemon natural abilities like humans. And another thing, it would not let Hidden Power or Shiny Pokemon work.

I know, lets be able to control the IVs by choosing where they go
No, that's too similar to EVs. Also, humans can't change their genes so you shouldn't be able to change the Pokemon genes.
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