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The Pokemon starters final forms - Yay or nay

#1VivisqeqPosted 9/3/2013 10:38:59 PM
The final forms are revealed to be a combo of the standard types and Dark/Psychic/Fighting - Results (53 votes)
86.79% (46 votes)
13.21% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Are you for or against this idea?

Also, everyone was waiting for Fire/Psychic, I think having Victini has killed the extensive need for that, if we had Fire/Psychic the there'd be Water/Fighting and Grass/Dark, I wouldn't mind now seeing Fire/Dark, Water/Psychic and Grass/Fighting, we've not had a Water/Psychic type since Gen 1 (Unless you count Slowking), and no other Fire/Dark besides Houndour/Houndoom.
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#2LightningAce11Posted 9/3/2013 10:39:31 PM
When was this confirmed?
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#3Rayquaza_is_ZPosted 9/3/2013 10:39:34 PM

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#4Rose_MagePosted 9/3/2013 10:40:13 PM
No ~ Grass/Ground, Fire/Fighting, Water/Psychic.
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#5nblasteroinPosted 9/3/2013 10:41:23 PM
NO Fire/Fighting I swear I will explode.
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#6SPDShadowRangerPosted 9/3/2013 10:43:21 PM
As long as Fennekin is not Fire/Fighting.
#7beebarbPosted 9/3/2013 10:44:52 PM
I want my Fire/Psychic Fox!
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#8ChaosMew161Posted 9/3/2013 10:56:22 PM
Yay, if the Fire-type one isn't Fire/Fighting. Probably should have included that option.

Also, this may not even be true. If it is, I'm guessing Chespin's final form is Grass/Dark, Froakie's is Water/Fighting, and Fennekin's is Fire/Psychic.
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#9The_Undying_84Posted 9/3/2013 11:35:07 PM
Nah. Victini is event only. To most people he doesn't even exist.
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#10Great_ReapettePosted 9/3/2013 11:37:16 PM
Yay if Grass/Psychic, Water/Dark, and Fire/Fighting.

Screw it otherwise.
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