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You are now a Gym Leader.

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3 years ago#31
Dustox, Volbeat, Ledian

Screw this game.
3 years ago#32
Belligero posted...
Dustox, Volbeat, Ledian

Screw this game.

Politoed, Piplup, Marill, and 3

I'm right there with you.
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3 years ago#33
Ampharos - 7

Electrabuzz, Electrode and Magnezone.

Industrial Badge.
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3 years ago#34
6 and Shuppet. Ghost gym sounds pro.

Coffin boy with the 4 hands and creepy pedo smile, with a banned f-word in his name

...unfortunately I don't care much for my Pokemon. Unless I get a hacked Wonderguard Sableye to troll the trainers :D
( ^_^)/\(^_^ )
Maya high five!
3 years ago#35
Zweilous and 7, so...

Shade Badge


I think I can get the above badge.
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3 years ago#36
I got Emolga so, Electric
I got 1 so they can't be evolved from anything.
I generated...

Raikou Edit: Legendaries have to be replace apparently so I rerolled and got Voltorb

I'll give out the Neutron Star Badge if defeated.

I think my opponent has a distinct advantage.
Badge Case [Time Badge]
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3 years ago#37
... 1.... Rock

1) Roggenrola
2) Rhyhorn
3) Larvitar
True or False Where's Waldo!?
3 years ago#38
Got Hippowdon (Ground)...and 8. Shwoah.

Terra Badge: Leader Litho (derp)
TM: Earth Power

Diglett --> Dugtrio


Gligar --> Gliscor

Not too bad, but anything water will kill me, no questions asked.
Oh yes he did.
3 years ago#39


Hemorrhoids City Gym
Steroids Badge

"I will make you loose like stool, you're going down... (the toilet)"
3 years ago#40
I got Water and 4, so...

Aqua Badge

Blastoise (ace)

(Sharpedo has teeeeeechnically evolved once, so yeah)
You're only young once, but you can be immature forever.
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