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What would you're starter team be?

#11Dark_Link92Posted 9/4/2013 4:26:32 AM
I'm going for Chespin, like I wanted from the beginning, and Squirtle, my favourite Kanto starter. Which conveniently leaves me with the Torchic to complete the Fire/Water/Grass triangle. Don't know if I'll use the Squirtle and Torchic until postgame yet, though.
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#12JKPhagePosted 9/4/2013 4:27:58 AM
I plan on getting the event Torchic specifically to cram in my PC for later power leveling to fill up my dex, and that's about it. I am about as "meh" at that whole evolutionary line as one could possibly be. My problem is, I plan on getting Froakie and Squirtle because I love Squirtle and Froakie is my fave this generation, and that takes up two slots on my team with pokemon that I really love. It's gonna be tough training them both up and keeping levels balanced. I may just have to put Squirtle in a box and run with Froakie, and pull the little turtle dude out later for post-game training. Now, when Z comes out, I might just end up using Squirtle as my main starter and boxing the Kalos one as a change of pace.