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Am I going to play a new Pokemon game?

#1kclaujamesPosted 9/4/2013 9:20:54 AM(edited)
As it is revealed that the Gen I starters will be available early on, I am starting to think that Gamefreak has done too much for the sake of adding nostalgic qualities to the game. I think it is acceptable to be able to encounter Pokemon from older generations in the wild. After all, it would be strange that Pokemon are "endemic" to their originating regions. However, in my view the starters are a defining feature for each generation. It signals the turning over of a new leaf and should not be executed in such a way which leaves the player confused - especially people who are new to the series. Not implying I am new to Pokemon at all.

Of course, there is also the strong argument that we are finally seeing novelty in the story. The repetitive pattern of choosing only one starter to start your journey will finally be broken. This change in the tradition may actually be welcomed by many, especially those who have been playing Pokemon for a long time.