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Am I the only one who thinks that Pokemon Bank is a good thing?

#1GolurkcanflyPosted 9/4/2013 4:27:22 PM
Honestly, many people on this board complain about Game Freak having this be a paid service. However, I like to say that this is a good idea. For not only does it allow transferring with one system over multiple generations, it also acts as an anti-cheating measure. They explicitly state that they can and will check players' Pokemon to weed out hacked or illegal ones. This will, without a doubt, strengthen the metagame. The benefits far exceed the measly fee and Nintendo has to pay for maintenance and hire workers to check for hacked Pokemon. If you disagree with me, please post your valid point below.
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#2ChaosMew161Posted 9/4/2013 4:28:01 PM
Yes. You are the only person in the entire world that thinks it's a good idea. (If GameFAQs posters are anything to go by)
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#3KeeperOfShadowsPosted 9/4/2013 4:28:50 PM
I think its good.

I'm sick of hearing about it though.
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#4Tigo73Posted 9/4/2013 4:28:52 PM
The reason I like it is that I donīt have to wait for a new game to come out and get another console to restart the game.

That, my friends, is the best addition yet.
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#5P0k3m0nWaRR10R8Posted 9/4/2013 4:29:55 PM
I think it's a great thing. For being able to transfer on one device, and transferring boxes at a time, I'd gladly pay more than 5 dollars a year.
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#6Tai_Le_ReePosted 9/4/2013 4:30:32 PM
Well seeing as pokemon box was more pricey than this. Good idea.
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#7Golurkcanfly(Topic Creator)Posted 9/4/2013 4:30:54 PM
I am glad to see that not a single troll has appeared to go, "POKEMON BANK SI TERRIBAD. WE SHOULD GET TIS FOR FREE!"
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#8mudkip72Posted 9/4/2013 4:33:01 PM(edited)
You are crazy if you think actual workers will check for hacks. It'll just be an automated program, like how Wi-fi tournaments and such check them now.
Plus anyone who can use pokegen slightly well will have hacked pokemon that are indistinguishable from legitimate ones.

I don't need more storage room for pokemon and I don't want transferring services to be behind a paywall when a 3DS app should be perfectly capable of doing a transfer locally.
#9acerola-orionPosted 9/4/2013 4:31:42 PM
Nobody really thinks it's a bad thing. People either think it's a good thing or they're neutral about it. They just don't want to pay for it.
#10hyperdimeduckPosted 9/4/2013 4:33:11 PM
At least my event pokemon will be safe if I decide to start a new game!
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