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How many of you guys plan to only use 6th Gen Pokemon in the first play-through?

#1ShinobiNinjaXPosted 9/4/2013 11:11:48 PM
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#2PlasmWraithPosted 9/4/2013 11:13:17 PM
I plan to have at least 4/6 of my pokemon from gen VI pre-E4. Could be more.
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#3jneal57Posted 9/4/2013 11:14:13 PM
i plan on using the Pokemon i catch and based on what works for me
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#4SOLDIER_BankaiPosted 9/4/2013 11:14:33 PM
Nope, I'll definitely be making good use of the Charmander. I was considering Pikachu as well, but I think I'll pass on it. So now my planned team looks like:


2 more spaces to be filled with who knows?
#5Immortal_Chaos7Posted 9/4/2013 11:15:01 PM
it depends what pokemon (gen. 1 thru 5) are available.
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#6NinjaStatu5Posted 9/4/2013 11:16:08 PM
Besides bulbasaur, I plan to use all new pokemon for in-game.
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#7TruePowerSeekerPosted 9/4/2013 11:16:20 PM
No I plan to just play as I naturally feel. I won't use the event torchic though until later on or 3 slots of my team would be taken up. I may even be reluctant to use Charizard.
#8UmuruPosted 9/4/2013 11:19:40 PM
I can plan to do so, but if some of my favorites from past gens end up being catchable, I may just end up using them again.
#9DarkFistsPosted 9/4/2013 11:25:01 PM
I'm gonna use a full gen 6 team during the main story, anything after that is fair game.
#10acerola-orionPosted 9/4/2013 11:25:28 PM
Very possibly. Fairy-monotype team for sure, though.