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Smeargle should have a move called Draw

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3 years ago#11
COLL1N posted...
Rainbows are so gay. which means smeargle could possibly be one of the gayest pokemons ever. If only gamefreak could use this idea.

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3 years ago#12
wait forget everything I said. Smergy should have Sketch and Scribble. Scribble being the move I'm talking about here. It would be sooooooooooo awesome. think about it guys.
3 years ago#13
No no I mean once you use scribble your smeargle will always be this type. During and after the battle. not just during.
3 years ago#14
Oh..wait a minute.....I remember you TC

And I still hate you. Quit posting and go home.
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3 years ago#15
I am home tho. And I'm just brainstorming. c'mon man...

Smergy > smeargle at level 21.

Level 5 Smergy with Scribble and Sketch. Once you use scribble, thats it. you will keep that type and tail color for the rest of that pokemons life. Make this happen someday gamefreak pls.
3 years ago#16
I think the move would be good if it permanently became a pokemon of the type it had drawn.
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3 years ago#17
^lol then you see squirtles using flamethrower. that would be wrong.
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