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Question about the Pokebank

#1GeraunPosted 9/6/2013 11:11:37 AM
My question is: Being the that the 3DS is Region Blocked. How will someone pay for the $5 a year service if your not part of the Region and No Region is assign to you?

If my 3DS is US Region, I would need a US Credit Card or Nintendo Cards.

Nintendo will need to lift this region block. In my case I live outside the USA and my 3DS region is US. I have no choice because my region is not registered as a official region to Nintendo. I live in the Caribbean. We have no choice but to get a US 3DS and we are very much in the dark with Nintendo.

I do get WiFi Events. But I can't add Nintendo Credits with my Credit Card. I will have to wait until some I know travels to the USA and buy a Nintendo Card for me to add credit to my account.

I personally feel left out on this one. And who knows where else there are persons that has been left out too. If Nintendo/ Game Freak is looking for Global use of the games, we need Global Accessibility.