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so who ISN'T using 3 starters in their team?

#1Nerwrax15Posted 9/7/2013 3:51:41 AM(edited)
Chespin and Squirtle(one because I never used him back in kanto, so I have to make it up to him and I still haven't seen that premier water type to add to my team) is where I draw my line, sorry Torchic, but to shadow realm for you
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#2Jump_Man7Posted 9/7/2013 3:45:09 AM
Me. Using more than one starter bothers me
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#3MidnightCrewPosted 9/7/2013 3:47:19 AM
Me too, I don't really care for Torchic that much anyway, especially not his Mega form. :c

Froakie and Bulbasaur~
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#4swordsman126Posted 9/7/2013 3:48:04 AM
*raises hand*

Sorry Torchic, but Talonflame is calling my name.
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#5JoJoX200Posted 9/7/2013 3:48:48 AM
I'm not. I will keep Torchic in the box and plan to go Kalos only, so no Kanto starter either. I may add a Chespin to my team if I get the chance to trade for one, find no other cool grass type and if it really becomes a knight/ronin.

I'm going Froakie for the Kalos starter btw.
#6seriouspancakePosted 9/7/2013 3:49:18 AM
Me.. in fact I'm using them all for seperate teams with new pokemons :D
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#7Misdreavus573Posted 9/7/2013 3:51:16 AM
Fennekin + Bulbasaur.

There's no way I'm not using Fennekin just for the sake of a Torchic.
#8Scraggy26Posted 9/7/2013 3:55:58 AM
I was dead set on using a team of only Gen 6'ers, but Game Freak had to throw a wrench into my plans. Honestly, I'm still undecided. :/
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#9eixeeeePosted 9/7/2013 4:00:26 AM
I'm going to find a team of six using only the new Pokemon, so I'll likely box Torchic and the Kanto starter until after I've beaten the game.
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#10GoGoatPosted 9/7/2013 4:45:08 AM(edited)
If the Kanto starters come with their mega stones, I'll pick Charmander.

If not, then I'll pick Squirtle, because the only water type I've really liked out of the reveals so far isn't in the version I'm getting. Fennekin + Squirtle will be kickass.

No plans to use Torchic at all at this point.
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