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How do you think we would get MegaStones?

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3 years ago#21

pause it at 13:50 and read the text still Im not sure
3 years ago#22
We'll be finding them throughout the map for the most part. Others will be available via event, and probably some will be given by NPCs. I also imagine a few will be purchasable from vendors or as rewards for Battle Points and such. And they have unlimited uses, so there's nothing to worry about in that respect.
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3 years ago#23
I reckon you'll find them during normal gameplay. Or, most of them anyway, Blazikenite was confirmed not to be avaliable.
My reason for saying this is during a recent video (I think it was the Pokemon Direct. I'll check up on it, but anyway...) there was the main character talking to an old man by a beach and he says something along the lines of 'Im sure you'll be able to use that mega stone', which I guess implies we'll find them during normal gameplay.
If we do, I personally hope it's like getting the rarer TMs (fighting your way through a dungeon) for a specific one, rather than purchasing them with BP.
3 years ago#24
13:50 during Pokemon Direct, as WingZeroEX said. It says 'Im sure you can master the power of the bond between your Pokemon and that Mega Stone'. I.E - He gives you one. Or you find one next to him or whatever.
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