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Your first shiny?

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3 years ago#71
apart from the gyarados the only shiny i have actually found is a zubat....
3 years ago#72
None. Except the gyarados in HG, and Gible and Haxorus in B2
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3 years ago#73
I think it might have been a shiny trapinch, if you don't count the red gyarados
3 years ago#74
first ever run through of my first pokemon game, Sapphire

found a shiny pelliper when kyogre was trying to drown the world, couldnt catch

first caught shiny was in the safari zone(!) in fire red. it was a exeggcute so its cool.

first shiny i currently own? a geadude, like everyone else, while i was EV training my wormadam
3 years ago#75
burnin123 posted...

Same here.
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3 years ago#76
Shiny grimer in soul silver in celadon city!
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3 years ago#77
First encountered but couldn't catch was Murkrow in Silver.

Coincidentally, I encountered another shiny Murkrow in Diamond and actually managed the catch it.

First shiny I caught though was Buneary in Diamond.
3 years ago#78
First non-event shiny (this excludes Red Gyarados and any shiny event Pokémon) was a Spheal in Emerald. First EVER shiny, events included, was the Pikachu-colored Pichu that was distributed over WiFi a few years back.
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3 years ago#79
shiny dunsparce
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3 years ago#80
Excluding the obvious Gyarados, I fished up a Poliwag when playing through Crystal for the first time, though I knocked it out. I must've spent about 2 hours trying to find it again to no avail. (at the time I had just turned 10 and had an extremely limited knowledge of shinies, so I kind of figured I'd be able to find it again easily).

Other than that, a shiny Golbat in Sapphire, which I *did* catch.
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