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How important is a Pokemon's happiness to you?

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2 years ago#21
wheeling_gamer posted...
I kind of don't care, and since I do a lot of trading, I typically don't teach my Pokémon Return since happiness resets.

I really wish happiness would affect something, such as obedience or how effective your Pokémon was in battle. Heck, they could make unhappy Pokémon leave the team like in the anime…

And Pokemon Amie was born.
2 years ago#22
Doctor_Spanky posted...
I just hope that Pokemon Amie finally lets us beat our Pokemon when they lose for us

You can beat 'em up by any means or blow them all to SMITHEREENS, a favorite of this sentient machine!
2 years ago#23
Doesn't matter, it's stupidly easy to cap it out anyway.

It's hard to not cap out your Pokemon's Happiness.
I use Bitter Roots all the time and they still are always capped.
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  3. How important is a Pokemon's happiness to you?

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