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Which Starters did you pick Gen 1-5?

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User Info: CaitSith3394

3 years ago#1
So which starters did you guys pick first in generations 1-5? (You can add who you think you'll pick for gen 6)

So for me it went:

Gen 1: Squirtle
I remember getting lost in Rock Tunnel and having a Blastoise by the time I got out.

Gen 2: Chikorita
I believe I got Meganium around the Lighthouse.

Gen 3: Mudkip
Swampert is a beast.

Gen 4: Piplup
I thought Empoleon looked the coolest.

Gen 5: Snivy
Serperior looked waaaaayyyy better to me than Samurott and Emboar.

Gen 6: Tentatively I'm going with Froakie

So I noticed that I have never picked the fire starter as my first choice.

What about you guys?

User Info: Noble-Heart

3 years ago#2
Gen 1 - Pikachu
Gen 2 - Cyndaquil
Gen 3 - Treecko
Gen 4 - Turtwig
Gen 5 - Snivy
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User Info: CA0001

3 years ago#3
Gen 1 - Bulbasaur
Gen 2 - Cyndaquil
Gen 3 - Torchic
Gen 4 - Piplup
Gen 5 - Snivy
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User Info: McTCM

3 years ago#4
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User Info: ZeroRidley

3 years ago#5
bulbasaur, totodile, torchic, piplup, and snivy. i picked the ones i liked aesthetically, ha.

User Info: ash_coolb

3 years ago#6

User Info: Houndoomed

3 years ago#7
Generation I - Squirtle
Generation II - Cyndaquil
Generation III - Treecko
Generation IV - Turtwig
Generation V - Oshawott
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User Info: eimajamie

3 years ago#8
Gen 1 - Charmander
Gen 2 - Cyndaquil
Gen 3 - Torchic
Gen 4 - Chimchar
Gen 5 - Snivy

Gen 6- I like them all so undecided so far.
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User Info: WingZeroEW

3 years ago#9
charmander, cyndaquil, torchic, chimchar and snivy

User Info: LightningAce11

3 years ago#10
Squirtle - I liked him in the anime and was the easiest to play with.
Cyndaquil - my friend actually started the game for me and got me my starter as I was in the toilet then.
Mudkip - my cousin and our friends all got torchic, and I wanted to be original.
Turtwig - I liked his typing and move set.
Tepig - I copied gcpm11.
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