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Has playing Pokemon made you a social stigma among your friends that...

#61RoleOfGSHCPosted 9/12/2013 6:25:18 AM

Pokemon hasn't been treated like that since I hit high school.
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#6212fingerJIMPosted 9/12/2013 6:30:40 AM
Maybe in like middle school, but after that no, in fact playing Pokémon was pretty normal, I know a lot of guys that would play the older ones in class.
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#63QuantumpencilPosted 9/12/2013 6:34:10 AM
Thankfully, I have a good group of non-judgmental friends who are all a little nerdy themselves (classical musicians, math guys, computer dorks) so it's never been an issue for me.

I have definitely encountered crap from people I don't care about much though, friends of siblings and the like.
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#64evoxpiscesPosted 9/12/2013 6:34:30 AM
In high school my friends played Pokemon with me. In college they were "too cool" to play it and I kept it to myself that I still did. Now as an adult I could care less. Sometimes my friends tease me about it but I don't care. They're just joking and it's their loss anyway - they're the ones missing out on these epic adventures!
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#65EmeraldRangePosted 9/12/2013 6:48:37 AM

That's because just about everyone has played pokemon at one point. They just dont have what I call "pokepride." And they form this ridiculous circle where everyone in the group acts as if they don't play pokemon to get along with each other.
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#66XWolfOPosted 9/12/2013 6:50:03 AM
Not at all. I was only teased about it in high school, but everyone's fine with it now.
#67JerreldulayPosted 9/14/2013 2:17:54 AM
Nope, never actually been criticised for playing a certain game. I even discovered some casual mates of mine, who are the manliest of dudes, really enjoy playing the games.
#68RDS1Posted 9/14/2013 2:21:45 AM(edited)
What friends?

To clarify so it's less depressing, all of my friends also play Pokemon.
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#69XereintPosted 9/14/2013 2:20:58 AM
Insult their lack of childhood. That'll show em
#70Merc123Posted 9/14/2013 5:20:52 AM
Back in middle school for me Pokemon was uncool, that was Ruby and Sapphire. No one really played it anymore and i didn't either, Missed out on that Gen until i went back years later and played Emerald.

I got back into Pokemon in Gen IV in High School. I would play it during Study hall or in class with the volume off or headphones on. Some people tried to give me a hard time but i brushed it off and they left me alone. More people were actually into Pokemon again. I guess High School kids thinking its retro and stuff you know.

My close friends actually got back into Pokemon when i decided to get back into it. We all ended up getting Diamond or Pearl and eventually all got Platinum and got into Gen V as well. I am the only one with a 3DS though, but my friends do eventually plan to get one and X or Y.