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What is the difference between Pokemon X and Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby?
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Cheshire_Cat031310/24 2:15AM
why doesnt my ditto change formes when copying Aegislash?ToborTheRobot710/24 1:38AM
Looking for HA Lileep.dragonk2025210/24 1:19AM
I think i paid $5 for Disk-Locked Content
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RFC222310/24 12:58AM
This is the most satisfying possible battle in Pokemon.Cpt_Calamity610/24 12:30AM
Looking for ideas for a pair of movesetsVergilsGirl310/24 12:16AM
Another battle video. Wormadam Trash this time.LightningHawk90110/23 10:45PM
IS US Diancie Codes out yet/early? (Closed)Jessie20121010/23 10:25PM
Breeding Manaphy For A Manaphy Question? (Not Phione) (Closed)Jessie2012310/23 10:04PM
Pokemon Riddles 6
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 ]
MadameLuigi6437410/23 9:54PM
LF: nickname editor FT: lots of tempting pokes listed inside_Rinka_410/23 9:35PM
If Sonic & Knuckles are Pokemon, what four moves + ability do they have?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
War_God_Icon2110/23 9:25PM
Anyone happen to know the best/top natures for Diancie? (Closed)Ultimarok410/23 9:15PM
Jolly Eevee problems
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dews12902710/23 9:02PM
First time playing Pokemon since Diamond, just what am I missing out on??frogandlard510/23 8:50PM
Blue and pink colored stats? Indication of 31 Iv's?RFC22710/23 8:46PM
Powersaves Wondercard Modifier Codes QuestionHilariousdude33210/23 8:34PM
a few things that i wish theyd implementdarksoul69420210/23 8:18PM
Is Wonder Trading still very active and good?DefiantlyMaybe1010/23 8:15PM
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pkivysaur1110/23 8:02PM