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Team Nova RP Episode 2: The Calm Before the Storm

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3 years ago#491
"Gallowglass..." Osric says the name slowly. A wave of feelings comes from nowhere, slamming into Osric with the force

That was the name. A flash, and he is watches a small child sitting on a sofa in his father's lap, situated in the center of a spacious, homey room, watching a television. It is an inviting, warm environment. A fire roars in the corner, giving the room a warm glow that contrasts the gray skies and pounding rain outside, fighting to get at the two figures sitting inside. There, inside, little Osric is safe from the rain, safe from the cold, sheltered in his father's arms. Protected. Yet why does he feel so... cold? A knock at the door.

"Duncan? Are you in there?"

"Coming, Garth!" Duncan answers.

Garth. Garth Gallowglass.

Osric snaps back to reality. "What do you want from me!" He yells, as an inexplicable rage engulfs him. Gone is the strategy. Gone is the plan. Gone is the control. All that exists is Osric King and a boy named Grant Gallowglass.
3 years ago#492
IVIasterJay posted...
uuurrrggh posted...
Brendan laid down his railgun and axe, and turned off his suit. "Blastoise."

"Very well. Blastoise is free to leave."

Giratina used Heal Block on the creature's shattered shell and dropped it back into the world it came from. Giratina unwrapped its cramped tail from the position it had been holding on Maurice's command. It flew over to Maurice, and circled the two humans slowly.

"Like I said, it was up to you who would be the one to live." His cold smile flashed across his face.
"Now, do you want to redo your one question? I don't think that last one should really counted."

(@proto You're character already heard who his target was and was fine with it. Why is he questioning it now?)

Just roll along. I won't disappoint.
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3 years ago#493
Meanwhile, deep underground the city of Goldenrod, at the heart of Nova's Headquarters, Duncan lies, sleeping. His breaths are light and quick, but gradually, they become slower. Deeper. First the breathing becomes audible, then noticeable. Finally, those nearby begin to see the man, in a coma in changing for over a month change. In a short time, a small crowd is gathered around the bed. They watch the man, anxiously. At first, nothing happens. Then, he opens his eyes.
3 years ago#494
Grant gulps, wanting to choose his next words carefully. He's going off the handle! I can't try to push him away from Team Nova too quickly, it'll just strengthen his twisted beliefs. I know that there's a kind-hearted human being in there somewhere. Someone who longs for a peaceful world. But how do I bring that person out?

"I want to see you again, Osric." Grant smiles, trying his best to be amicable. "Not as enemies in rival factions or as allies to a desperate cause, but as two ordinary teenagers living the lives they've chosen themselves. But before that, there's something I need to do. A good friend of mine is held here against her will, and I fear to imagine what she's been experiencing. Just like I've feared for the last seven years the things that could happen to my father, my sister and myself. So right now, I just want you to turn back. I've destroyed the cameras in this floor, nobody needs to know. There's no suspicion in escaping a building crumbling into ruin." Grant meets Osric's eyes with his own, staring at him with conviction. "I know that there's still some humanity left in this world, even in killers like you and I. We didn't choose this fate, to live in this world of strife. Nobody else needs to die or be tortured. Not in this place, not today. Maybe someday... Never again."
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3 years ago#495
uuurrrggh posted...

"Think about what you wish to ask. I'll give you a day. Then I'll return. You will answer all of my questions, and then I will answer one of yours."
He turned and walked to the edge of the floating island.
"Giratina, isolate the prisoner after I'm gone."
Maurice snapped his fingers and stepped into his office. The doorway closed behind him.
Giratina floated silently, not certain what Maurice had meant by 'isolate'. Eventually he roared and the entire island faded away to nothing, as did all the surrounding islands. The human's weapons, tools, and even his clothes faded. Nothing remained within half a mile of the human. That should suffice for isolation.
3 years ago#496
DigiHerokid posted...
Golurkcanfly posted...
(Waiting for Digi again.)


Jira was telling her a funny joke in the break room, when her phone rang."Hello?Looker!"

"Jira , I gotta go, Looker has a lead.You coming?",she asked.

Jira looked up as Dawn got in contact with one of contacts in efforts to find her friends.

Jira-"If you have something to do, I'll cover for you."

(sorry took while)
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3 years ago#497
(Erm... Not exaxctly sure how Giratina can take away everything Brendan has. The weapons maybe, but the clothing is taking a step away from even pokemon logic. Going to sleep.

To 500!)
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3 years ago#498
uuurrrggh posted...
(Erm... Not exaxctly sure how Giratina can take away everything Brendan has. The weapons maybe, but the clothing is taking a step away from even pokemon logic. Going to sleep.

To 500!)

(The island isn't real, so he just moves it somewhere else in the distortion world. The weapons, tools, and clothes he expelled out of the distortion world and into the real world. But that doesn't flow as well. I am assuming your scientist guy can make you new gear when you get away.

To 500... again!)
3 years ago#499
Osric struggles, wading through the emotions and feelings long since forgotten, desperately trying to find something to cling to. He hears the boy, Grant, speaking to him, but that is secondary right now. He must right himself.

Grants words bounce around in Grants mind, Turn my back? I-I can't! I cannot fail my mission. the anger is gone, rolling of of Osric like water. His mind his once again clear of doubt, anger, and confusion. He focuses single mindedly on his goal. He is strong once more in his conviction. He takes a deep breath and he opens his eyes, and gives Grant a challenging gaze, full of confidence.

He slowly shakes his head, "I'm sorry Grant, but I can't let you do that. That girl is not going to be leaving anytime soon, and I did make a promise to her I plan to keep."

Quick as Lightning, Osric snatches up the Pokeball on the back of his belt and releases Dragonite.
3 years ago#500
"Osric, you have to listen to me!" Grant yells, now desperate. "There's no sense in fighting here! What will come of it? Pain, suffering and regret! You're better than this! Whatever your goals are, they can be achieved without Team Nova!" Grant readies his arm to grab the one thing he didn't forfeit... His last smokescreen bomb. He gets ready to run and grab Squirtle as well.

(I sure do have a habit of being 500.)
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