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User Info: SergeantJamjars

3 years ago#121
3DS FC: 3909 - 8809 - 2854, PS3: NinjaChildPrime

User Info: dadkwashere

3 years ago#122
I'll be the official Big Boss of this board.
*Raises Fire Emblem, casts flame resistance spell, wears varia suit, equips flame terrenial, and goes under fallout bunker* Punished Snake approves...maybe?

User Info: legitgamer405

3 years ago#123
Official Arceus. What's that you say? Someone already has Arceus? *pulls out bloody dagger* Are you sure about that?
3DS FC: 1564-2580-9641. PM me before adding.
Official Arceus of all the Pokemon Boards. 31 more days until X and Y is out! :D

User Info: mariofan43ds

3 years ago#124
I want zekrom if it's available. If not, giratina
What's a signature?

User Info: CuChaspel

3 years ago#125
If no one has Zorua I'll take it.

User Info: CelestialDesire

3 years ago#126
No answer to my question yet?
~ The Official Oshawott ~ -"Congratulations! You gained 666 Exp!"- :D
( )

User Info: SH076UNNER

3 years ago#127
I'm the official Suicune of this board.

User Info: FalxXD

3 years ago#128
Anyone tracking?
Official Magikarp of the pokemon boards.
3ds friend code: 0216-0976-7778

User Info: cloud_8f8f

3 years ago#129
Mega-Charizard- Charizard/Mega Charizard
RotomGuy3- Chandelure
ChiefCole- Haxorus
CakeOfLies- Scizor
tehkapi- Chespin
Hughs_Rage- QWILSHARK (Qwilfish)
Xerneas777- Xerneas
cloud_8f8f- Reshiram
mudballman- Nidoking
PKMNgamer27- Froakie
CaptainTime88- Feraligatr
SuprSaiyanRockr- Bisharp
Wynters387- Archeops
nro87- Chespin
andrewx72- Luxray
IVlasterJay- Zoroark
Real_trainerRed- Sir Aaron's Lucario
NessEggman- Probopass
mustardpi314- Ninetales
Soar2344- Mega Venusaur
koggx- Mega Lucario
bobby16may- Sceptile
e_goonies- Roserade
SOLDIER_Bankai- Shiny Charizard
wind64a- Shiny Ninetales
MetaDeDeDe- Serena's Sylveon
Soul_of_Yveltal- Yveltal
cronot31- Ditto
RemixV4- Jolteon
ISECream- Vanillite
FalconPunch245- Alakazam
Golurkcanfly- Amnesiac Darkrai
mada7- Heracross
Jaricko- Venustoise
Celebity- Umbreon.
nblasteroin- Blazikena and MegaBlaziken
Sticky_Derp- Chikorita
Quick Man- Quick Man
niklnip- Swoobat
gunsndroses- Dragonite
westonticklee- Queen Jiggs' Right hand Man
swordyoshi- absol
Regent_EX- Ponyta
endergamer537- Sharpedo
jamieyello- Smeargle
SpikeTbear- Missingno
DoomofMandos- aggron
12fingerJIM Dunsparce
PKMNgamer27- Froakie's final evolution
SoulStealer2684- Arcanine
StevenDrkPrince- Darkrai
supdawg222- Houndoom
xLinkku- Fennekin
Tatakai-No-Kami- BAT DRAGON
Tales_of_101- Swampert
ShinxO_O- Shinx
IronVenom- Mega Blastoise
protobakurion- Porygon Z
Pink_Alakazam- Shiny Alakazam
Noble-Heart- May's Manaphy
Hierarchy225- Teeruna
-Chespear- Linoone
RX0mega- Piplup
Sammuthegreat- Beartic
Alpharos3236- Ampharos
ShadowMaster684- Salamence,
RingsOfUranus- Gengar
Pikaley- pikachu and mega pikachu
Reno_Tarshil- Genesect
Stormvale12- Hydreigon
waterpkmaster06- Dewott
1998_z- Shedinja
NewAgeDoom- Seviper
The_Dragonw- Shadow Lugia
Duk3_Nuk3m- Espeon
Thepenguinking2- Zangoose
FalxXD- Magikarp
SergeantJamjars- Tauros
dadkwashere- Big Boss
legitgamer405- Arceus
mariofan43ds- Zekrom
CuChaspel- Zorua
SH076UNNER- Suicune
Official Cloud Strife of the Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy Board
Official Reshiram of the Pokemon X and Y Boards

User Info: Sheep007

3 years ago#130
Mareep :3
"My game won't let me buy a girlfriend." - GamersTavern
I am James Baa, and I have a license to graze.
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