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Game Freak: "Chespin's getting popular?"

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User Info: TheZuperHero

3 years ago#11
I think it's a bit soon to be too worried anyhow. I mean, Grotle wasn't all that impressive either and Torterra's pretty sweet.
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User Info: Brandon00151

3 years ago#12
The armor plating his arms make me think/hope he's turning into an Armadillo Hedgehog Knight.

User Info: Plasmashedgehog

3 years ago#13
Cue Glados fat insults,
"i guess the pokeball wasn't calibrated to a pokemon of your..generous-ness"
someone in a parallel dimension is trying to find Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up",but can only find videos of the upcoming pokemon.

User Info: itzzjustinYEAH

3 years ago#14
dat Tepig treatment..
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User Info: 12fingerJIM

3 years ago#15
My favorite starter has always been the bulky yet slow one, every generation.
Police don't have any suspects at this time, but they're pretty sure that it was you.

User Info: yuppsta

3 years ago#16
Watch him get shell smash..
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User Info: ExcIusivity69

3 years ago#17
Donuts are bad now?
When did "casual player" become an insult? -Taizuku
The real question is "When did hardcore gamer become a compliment/aspiration?" -JMBoote

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

3 years ago#18
If anything, this makes me want Chespin even more.
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