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Im under the impression that THIS is how game freak makes changes...

#1Genius_SagePosted 9/11/2013 7:57:40 PM
Focus more on something being cool rather than techinical or needed development wise... I mean, they do stupid **** like create stealth rock. Dont make Pokemon to directly counter stealth rock or nerf it. Leave weak types weak or make them worse. Create a type to berf one and basically breaks the type chart in the process. Dark was nicely balanced, fairy not so much.

I remember in an interview one of the team members basically saying they made evolutions based on them being cool ideas rather than if a Pokemon needs it. WTF...

The team should take this seriously, evolve some pokemon we would never expect, that would surprise us. Actually balance the types and not just rushing with some quick solutions that make no sense. Make poision strong against water, who gives a **** about fairy? Make fairy's main point to nerf dragon, swap steel weakness for grass or ice weakness. Make ice resist dragon. Drop fairy's resistance to fighting and move it to dark, fairy should have nothing to do with fighting or bug. Leave them alone! Make steel SE on poison and ground. What was done was just a quick job.
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#2SuikuPosted 9/11/2013 7:58:49 PM
Nice post, genius
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#3LibranFirePosted 9/11/2013 8:00:16 PM
Suiku posted...
Nice post, genius

Is... this sarcastic? Did you notice TC's username?
#4endergamer537Posted 9/11/2013 8:00:21 PM
Your choice:

(a) Terrible evolutions for Pokemon that "need it" (which is purely subjective)

(b) Cool/interesting designs for Pokemon that "don't need it as much as the Pokemon in choice a"
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