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Why did game freak let there 3 year old draw the Starters 2nd stage.. why..???

#21okeaoner12x4(Topic Creator)Posted 9/12/2013 1:18:45 AM
Grammar_man posted...
Considered an adult anywhere in the world at 24, I'm pretty sure.

either way your still a kid too me.! I'm 43, and have nearly lived your life twice.! you are a kid.! didn't your mother ever teach you to respect your elders son.
#22DLOArceusPosted 9/12/2013 1:19:26 AM
okeaoner12x4 posted...
Iced_Shadows posted...
okeaoner12x4 posted...
Jagus posted...
The new starters middle forms all look better than their first forms

Now the Megas on the other hand... Those were drawn by 3 year olds

You like the fat mole.?? And the totally destroyed colors of the fox, not to mention is standing.. and its head does not match its body.!?? And the Frog who looks like a ninja..? You must be 3 years old..

I get your concern about them, but I have to ask... why does the frog look like a ninja? I don't see any resemblance to a ninja...

Mask, hood.! and in Japan a frog is often used as a symbol of sneaky ness it only makes since.!!

You're aware Froakie was marketed as a ninja too, right? Hand symbol, bubble shuriken and inflating sac? The evo has now a scarf. And what the hell does "the head doesn't match its body" mean? Fennekin had a bigger head than body, now it's correct.
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"Why did game freak let there 3 year old draw the Starters 2nd stage.. why..???"
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