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Anyone else still thinking there might be a hidden Sound Type?

#51White_QueenPosted 9/15/2013 5:55:45 PM
Stop trying to make Sound type happen. It is NOT going to happen.
#52El_ChouricoPosted 9/15/2013 6:05:27 PM
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I've been playing Pokémon for years and until this thread had no idea there was demand for a sound type, which I agree sounds like a pretty bad idea for a type. EV training is something I'm familiar with and not surprised they'd heard that wanted to be improved.

It's a very common suggestion and a logical idea

So common I haven't heard it in 14 years of enjoying Pokémon, 8 years of lurking/sporadically posting on Smogon and 6 years here. And it's not logical, what's it going to be super effective on, Ear type?

If you haven't seen it mentioned during all that time, you just haven't been paying attention.

Sound type could be super effective on rock types (it causes avalanches), dark types (you can fight in the dark by following sound), psychic type (disrupts their concentration), steel types (causes them to vibrate), and resisted by water type (sound gets distorted in the water).

Besides, it's not like a lot of the type match-ups that exist now make sense either.

All type match ups make sense, whether it be by mythology, concept, science or otherwise.

This has been covered countless times. >.> Just saying.


To those asking how does Game Freak/Nintendo know of popular fan requests:

They have events on purpose, they probably take suggestions not only at tournaments but within the winners of said event and or participaters.

Some companies actually get fans to come to their studios or location and ask for input, and others actually seek out fans (in person) and asks them their opinion on a suggested idea and or what they would request.

If multiple people request the same thing it gets taken into account, whether its included is another subject entirely.

Fairy beating dragon makes sense? Steel beating Fairy makes sense? Psychic beating Poison makes sense?
#53jedinatPosted 9/15/2013 6:54:40 PM
El_Chourico posted...
Fairy beating dragon makes sense? Steel beating Fairy makes sense? Psychic beating Poison makes sense?

While the other two seem a bit arbitrary, Steel beating Fairy makes perfect sense... fairies are traditionally weak against iron. Steel is mostly iron.
#54AzurinaiPosted 9/15/2013 7:05:09 PM
There is a 0% chance of sound type happening.
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