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So when are we gonna see the Gen 5 is bad topics?

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User Info: FalxXD

3 years ago#11
Meh, everything after gen 2 sucked!
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User Info: ChaosMew161

3 years ago#12
robinhoek posted...
Wall of text

Wow, you admit you didn't give 5th gen a fair shake. Also, Reuniclus would like to speak to you about 5th gen designs being sucky (most of them aren't).
When it comes to Pokemon, I like Generation V over Generation I. Flame me.
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User Info: Lexifox

3 years ago#13
We got them during Gen 5.
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User Info: RX02Banshee

3 years ago#14
Never because there actually aren't any problems with gen 5 and it was pretty much the ultimate evolution of the 2D Pokemon games and a pair of great swansongs for the 2d games.
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User Info: Pencil

3 years ago#15
I didn't like Gen 4 and 5 as much as I thought I would. I literally ditched the game after a few hours of gameplay beyond the Elite 4. I didn't even bother with buying BW2 or Platinum for that matter. My average game time can't even surpass 60-70 Hours anymore.

Really excited for this Gen though.
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User Info: Sammuthegreat

3 years ago#16
robinhoek posted...
Gen 5 was bland to me honestly. The series has been growing stagnant but Gen 5 was the first time I felt it actually took a step back. I liked only a small handful of Gen 5 Pokemon, disliked the C-gear, the evil organization, characters and the region as well. I have had friends that felt similiar but who stuck it out and eventually it grew on them but to me it just felt very bland and I had other games in my backlog to get through so I decided to set it aside and skipped B2/W2 altogether.

From what I've seen of X and Y it looks as if I'm finally getting an installment that I can legitimately feel excited about. The Gen 6 Pokemon have been a higher quality design wise than most of gen 5 IMO and the Mega evos have retained the charm of the original Pokemon quite well (I wish Magmortar, Ryperior, etc had accomplished the same).

tldr: Didn't give gen 5 a fair shake. Thought it was bland. Gen 6 looks excellent.

I love it when other people save me the trouble of writing my own opinion out myself :)

User Info: Night_Shade115

3 years ago#17
Unova sucked. Gen 5 itself wasn't bad.
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